Education Advocate

I am an education advocate.  


Parents hire me to insure their child receives the best possible education under federal and state laws. Too often, students struggle academically, socially or emotionally, and parents do not know how to navigate the bureaucracies of school systems. The result leaves parents frustrated and their children lost in the shuffle.

As an advocate, I know the laws governing special education and work with parents, children and school officials to insure that their child receives the education that will meet their unique learning needs and that they are entitled to under the law. 

How I help you

I help families identify why a student may be struggling, create a plan to help the student and family, and collaborate with the school district to implement solutions. 


All children can learn, but they all learn differently. Some can fulfill their potential within the typical public school classroom while others need additional support from tutors, special education teachers and other professionals. Some may require a different school setting, but they all can learn, grow and reach their potential. I will help them reach that potential.

Why me?

Being a parent is hard work and with it comes great joy and satisfaction.  Being a parent of a child with special needs can be even harder, but just as joyful.  I know this because I am a parent of two children who received help from special education.     


Our sons are now young adults succeeding at colleges of their choice, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing. I know the helpless feeling that parents have and the difficult situations they find themselves in watching their kids struggle academically and emotionally with the challenges of school. It affects the entire family 24/7.  


To help our sons, I learned first-hand how to navigate the Public-School system and get the resources and services needed so our boys could reach their potential. I worked with the Newton School District managing the IEP and 504 processes, learned about neurodiversity, special education and identifying solutions for a variety of learning styles.  In the process, I found my passion. I have great empathy for parents who are unsure about what to do to help their children achieve their full potential.   


I have been formally trained as an education advocate. I know the complex education laws that govern the public school systems.  And I have supported many parents/guardians in their quest to get the services their children are entitled to. I combine my skills as an entrepreneur, business consultant, and long time athletics and robotics coach for students with various learning styles, with my passion, knowledge and experience as an education advocate to deliver results that will benefit your family, and most importantly, your child.   

My services include:
  • Recommend ways to identify your child's learning  style – strengths and weaknesses

  • Review student evaluations and assessments 

  • Identify the services and support necessary to help your child succeed in school

  • Create a plan with you to improve your child's academic and emotional success 

  • Participation in IEP process, facilitate team meetings, write and review IEP goals  

  • Support parents and schools by knowing and interpreting the special education laws that support the individual child on an IEP or 504 plan or a child who needs a plan, including: 

    • FAPE – Fair and Appropriate Education 

    • IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act  

    • IEP – Individual Education Plan 

    • LRE – Least Restrictive Environment 

    • Due Process 

My skills

As an Education Advocate, I combine my knowledge of the special education laws,  my experience as a parent of children with special needs, and my business acumen -corporate and entrepreneurial skills - to achieve a positive outcome.  Advocating for your child is a process, one that requires strong listening skills, goal setting, teamwork, creativity, empathy, patience, flexibility and negotiated solutions.  All of these skills and experiences are critical to my success as an Education Advocate.  This is important work and I bring my passion, skills and expertise together to help both you and your child get the support and services they are entitled to so that they can learn and succeed in school and in their future.  

Education Advocate

"Helping families navigate the public education system"

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